Ramon Fontserè

Torelló (Barcelona), 1956

BA in Dramatic Art from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. He was a member of the La Gàbia theatre company in Vic (Barcelona) both as an actor and assistant director.

He has been with Els Joglars since 1983 with whom he has taken part in several performances of Albert Boadella’s plays in theatres around Europe, Latin America and the United States.

Since December 2012 he is director of Joglars, replacing Albert Boadella in position.


He took part as an actor in the following plays of Els Joglars directed by Albert Boadella:

He was leading actor in:


He took part in the Els Joglars television series directed by Albert Boadella:


  • 1999 Buenaventura Durruti, anarquista. Written and directed by Jean Louis Comolli and interpreted by Els Joglars. He played the role of Francisco Ascaso.
  • 2002 Soldados de Salamina. Written and directed by David Trueba, based on the novel by Javier Cercas. He played the character of Rafael Sánchez Mazas. The film was nominated for an Oscar in 2003 of the best non-English film category.
  • 2003 ¡Buen viaje, Excelencia! Written and directed by Albert Boadella and produced by Andrés Vicente Gómez. He played the leading character of Francisco Franco.
  • 2003 El séptimo día. Directed by Carlos Saura, the script of which was written by Ray Loriga. He played the character of one of the Izquierdo brothers.
  • 2004 Hay motivo. collective film. He played the leading role in the episode entitled “La mosca cojonera”, directed by Antonio Betancour.
  • 2006 La Torre de Babel. Written and directed by Giovanna Ribes. He played the character of Don Luis.
  • 2006 Hécuba. Un sueño de pasión. A documentary by José Luis López-Linares and Arantxa Aguirre on the professional lives of actors in Spain.
  • 2008 Tres días con la familia. Written and directed by Mar Coll.
  • 2010 Todas las canciones hablan de mí. Directed by Jonás Trueba.
  • 2011 Madrid 1987. Directed by David Trueba, collaboration.
  • 2012 Insensibles. Directed by  Juan Carlos Medina.
  • 2013 Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados. Directed by David Trueba. Goya at the best movie en 2014.


Author of the books Tres pies al gato, diario de un actor (Publications 62, 2001 and Muchnick Publications, 2002) in which, through an engagement book, he narrates his individual and rural manner of building characters to handle the profession of being an actor.

In March 2008 the publishing house Editorial Columna published Hoja de ruta (Waybill) (a provisional title) of his first book of fiction, a novel about royal characters who, due to their special character, live outside the dictates of society.

At the present time together with Albert Boadella, he is writing a book that expresses through the vision of a playwright and an actor, the unusual and gratifying vital experience that represents the lasting and prolonged existence of Els Joglars.


He write the blog Crónicas por lo vagini , Ruta sexshopea.



  • The Barcelona Theatre Critics’ Prize for Ubú President (Spain, 1996)
  • The Max Prize for the masculine interpretation of La increíble historia del Dr.Floit&Mr. Pla (The incredible story of Dr Floit & Mr Pla) (Spain, 1998)
  • The National Theatre Prize for Daaalí (Spain, 2000)


With Els Joglars he has received several national and international awards, outstanding among which are:

  • Critics’ Award from the Edinburgh International Festival (1992, the United Kingdom) and the HAMAD Edinburgh Festival Foundation Prize for Yo tengo un tío en América (I have an uncle in America) (1992, the United Kingdom ).
  • The National Theatre Prize (1994, Spain) for the play entitled El Nacional
  • Gold Medal for Artistic Merit from the Bellas Artes (1999, Spain)
  • The Saulo Benavente Prize for the best international performance (1999, Argentina) for the play entitled Daaaalí.