Pilar Sáenz

Barcelona, 1969

Her training as an actress reached maturity with the company Els Joglars, which she joined in 1987 and with which she remained until 1997. In the years following she took part in Fuita by Jordi Galcerán, Ombra by the Spanish theatre group la Fura dels Baus and in the German production of Don Quixote nach Cervantes by Dimiter Gottchef. In the field of television, she took part in the television series of the Catalonian television channel, TV3, Nissaga de poder and in the television film Pirata by Lluís M. Güell.

She joined Els Joglars again in 2001 when the company was commemorating its 40th anniversary with La trilogía and it staged an updated version of Ubú President in which she again played the roles of her characters of 1995.


She took part as an actress in the following plays of Els Joglars directed by Albert Boadella:


She took part in the Els Joglars television series directed by Albert Boadella:


  • ¡Buen viaje, Excelencia!, (2003). Written and directed by Albert Boadella, and produced by Andrés Vicente Gómez. She plays the role of Carmen Polo.



  • The Miguel Mihura Theatre Prize for the best female performance 1977 for her characters in the play by Albert Boadella entitled Ubú President.


With Els Joglars she has received several national and international awards, outstanding among which are:

  • Critics’ Award from the Edinburgh International Festival (1992, the United Kingdom) and the Hamad Edinburgh Festival Foundation Prize for the play Yo tengo un tío en América (I have an uncle in America) (1992, the United Kingdom).
  • The National Theatre Prize (1994, Spain) for the play entitled El Nacional.