Ya semos europeos


Now we are europeans. 1989. TVE.

Ya semos europeos is a comedy series of seven 30-minute long episodes. The idea for this series arose out of Spain’s entry into the EEC.

On a TV set, by means of seven reports, the reporter Albert Boadella presents us with a radiography of Spain. With a large dose of irony, sarcasm and cynicism, combined with an immense creativity in the presentation, an analysis is made of the situations in which a Spain increasingly close to Europe finds itself.

Parodies are offered of themes like: the Single European Act/Treaty, the uniformed professions, unemployment, the treatment of animals, 1992, quiz shows or the workings of communications in the country.

Ya semos europeos attracted an audience of 6 million viewers when shown on Spanish Televison’s TV2.

7 episodes Ovideo TV for TVE, S.A.

November-december 1989

Cast and production list


Albert Boadella
Jesús Agelet
Quico Amorós
Jaume Collell
Jordi Costa
Eduard Fernández
Josep M. Fontserè
Ramon Fontserè
Montse Pérez
Jordi Purtí
Pilar Sáenz
Joan Serrats
Xevi Vilà

Technical team

Director: Albert Boadella
Script: Els Joglars
Production: Xavier Manich
Assistant director: Lluís Elias Montse Prat
Assistant productor: Pepo SolMontse Abbad
Technical director: Quique Caurín
Photography: Xavier Gil
Sound: Toni BonetTino Roson
Music: Jordi Bonet
Scenography : Xavier Bulbena
Costume design : Teresa Calafell