Visanteta de Favara


Premiere the 6th august 1986 at Teatro Echegaray Ontinyent (Valencia)

Shown until the 29th march 1987

In a word:
I like the healthy obscenity of
the Valencians,

I like their fertile land and, even more,
the eulogy of their magnificent products
transformed into erotic symbols. I like
their pagan rituals and I admire
their lack of mysticism which makes them
the most Mediterranean of the Spanish, I enjoy
their speech, full of drama
and I’d like to live not nord enllà (further north)
as the poet says, but quite the contrary,
below the Ebre where artists are still

That’s why I’ve produced this play.
To understand it, there’s no need for explanations or
any more justifications.

In conclusion, as Bernat and Baldovi say:
“Qui no vullga pols, que no vacha a la era.”
(Let sleeping dogs lie.)

Albert Boadella

Cast and production list


Huelva: Francisco J. BASILIO
Alcoi: Pep CORTÉS
Silla: Albert FORNER
Altea: Paco CANO
València: Begoña IÑURRIA
La Vila Joiosa: Pepa LOPEZ
Carcaixent: Joan J. PRATS
Picassent: Santiago SÁNCHEZ
València: Consol SOLER

Production team

Director: Albert BOADELLA
Assistant director: Ximo VIDAL – Glòria ROGNONI
Scenography: Xavier BULBENA – DINO IBÁÑEZ
Costumes design: Rafel LLADÓ
Vocalists: Pere SELLARÉS – Luis Miguel UTRILLA
Set up: Pascual MARÍN
Lighting: Quico GUTIÉRREZ
Sound: Dani COROMINA