Life is undulant and parenting and the relationship of the adult world with children has been changing over history. In our current modern society it seems to us that the child has reached maximum privilege, which is comparable to the treatment received by a Very Important Person (V.I.P). Paradoxically, the well-meaning attitude of parents, whether by complex or by a desire to provide their children with the comforts of life that they did not have, draws the child perilously towards becoming an impossible being with delusions of a little tyrant. We wonder if whether with so much pampering we are not sowing the seeds of a little monster.

VIP, presented with an air of ceremony, endeavours to reflect on our society that behaves itself in such an acquiescent manner with its kids.

Ramon Fontserè



Ramon Fontserè


Ramon Fontserè
Pilar Sáenz
Dolors Tuneu
Xavi Sais
Xevi Vilà

Artistic team

Direction: Ramon Fontserè
Stage: Martina Cabanas
Assistant director: Martina Cabanas
Wardrobe: Laura Garcia
Lighting design: Bernat Jansà
Props: Txell Cabanas, Xevi Vilà y Xavi Sais
Mask maker (Lucas): Eulàlia Sellarès
Wardrobe assistant and stitching: Marina Pujades
Sound and light technicians: Guillermo Mugular
Technical coordination: Jesús Diaz Pavón
Maestro Timpanist: Marc Casas
Movement advisor: Sílvia Brossa
Music advisor: Enrique Sánchez Ramos
Stage design advisor: Montse Sagalés
Graphic design: Arkham Studio
Photography: David Ruano
Coordination of tours and the media: Alba Espinasa
Executive production: Montserrat Arcarons y Alba Espinasa
Catering: Hort d’en Roca, Rupit
Special thanks to: Albert Boadella

Produced by:

With the participation of:

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