Terra d’escudella


The land of catalan stew. 1977. TVE (Catalunya).

Terra d’escudella (literally ‘The Land of Catalan Stew) is a children’s television slot that went out on Saturday mornings in 1977.

The script was written by Josep M. Vidal, Miquel Obiols and Montserrat Camps. The producers were Mercè Vilaret, Lluís M. Güell and Sergi Schaaff.

Els Joglars were responsible for six episodes, taking over from the Comediants who started the series.

Els Joglars recalled episodes from history, like the particular vision of childhood of King Jaume I, presented through games, adventures, etc. History is brought closer to children through play. Els Joglars represent a group of boys and girls from a particular neighbourhood who play out a historical situation. Children learn about history by participating in its re-enactment, reincarnating the characters and situations.

6 episodes TVE (Catalunya)

January 1977

Cast and production list


Andreu Solsona
Elisa Crehuet
Míriam de Maeztu
Ferran Rañé
Gabriel Renom
Arnau Vilar

Technical team

Director: Albert Boadella
Script: Els Joglars
Production: Mercè Vilaret
Assistants production: Francesc Nel·lo-Itziar Aldaso
Music: Santi Arisa
Costume design: Berti Tovias
Sound: Josep Mª Martin – Jordi Borrell
Ligthing: Manuel Dijort
Scenic design: Ernest Calduch