F.L.F. is a documentary-style drama made for TVE, a pilot programme for a future series of 13 episodes in which each was to be a report dealing with an international subject. The idea was to use the factual form of the report to tell a lie (loaded with irony) and in this way avoid the creation of a critical image regarding particular facts.

F.L.F. Football Liberation Front is an organisation that publicly accuses football of being corrupt. The programme is like a documentary with real images and others that were specially shot. The organisation, which like all purists advocates violence, proposes various solutions to put an end to the corruption: pitches with three goals, the democratisation of the spectators, etc.


Cast and production list


José Luis Aguirre
Jaume Sorribas
Francisco Márquez
Ariel Babtista
Caín Tinguard
Enric Royo

Technical team

Director: Albert Boadella
Script: Albert BoadellaGlòria RognoniJaume Sorribas
Els Joglars
Production: IMATCO S.A. per a TVE
Video: Video Spot
Assistant production: Glòria Rognoni